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Curated content delivered to job seekers online and offline.


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Distilled information and advice for engineering job seekers.


Info from industry experts

A trusted information source including insights from industry hiring experts.


The ​Engineering Job Seeker's Handbook 2020

  • Advertising and sponsorship opportunities.
  • Circulated directly to engineers, employers and agencies.
  • Be part of a valuable resource for engineering job seekers.

The Engineering Job Seeker's eGuide for Graduates 2020

  • Online/offline advertising and sponsorship opportunities.
  • Reaches a diverse group of engineering undergraduates across Australia.
  • Connect with the engineering talent of tomorrow.

The Engineering Job Seeker's Webinar Series

  • Sponsorship opportunities for employers.
  • Monthly commentary for jobseekers on jobs & trends.
  • Be part of the career conversation.

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