Recruitment, Accelerated!

From sourcing to placement, our flexible services accelerate the speed to hire engineering talent, without compromising quality of service or hire.


Access More Engineering Talent.

We utilise multiple sourcing channels and proactive search techniques to unearth qualified and interested engineering talent.


Right Fit, Right Now.

Qualified, vetted and ready to go, we invest our time on securing the right fit so you can focus on building your business success story sooner 

Hands-free Hiring

Our specialist sourcing team has the depth of knowledge in engineering recruitment to find the right people in a competitive labour market.















We'll take the time to understand your company story and talent requirements and match this to industry skills, supply and demand data.

We craft a tailored marketing plan to identify, connect, engage and attract the best candidates, keen to be part of your story.

We undertake combination of hi touch and hi tech screening activity, which ensures the best qualified talent, culturally and competently, is identified quickly.

Customised assessment support helps both parties to understand each other at a deeper level and identify alignment of skills and values.

Our wide range of reference and background checking options creates an open and transparent environment and builds on the trust already established.

We’ll help you to craft and negotiate an offer that secures motivated and enthusiastic talent that will contribute to your success story from day one.

We’re still involved to support you and your new hire in a successful beginning to a new chapter and congratulate your mutual success.

Our Service Charter

You'll receive the following services and benefits - guaranteed. An unmatched commitment for a cost effective fee.

Experienced engineering recruiters working as an extension of your team.

Premium job ad and banner ad exposure on our platform.

A flexible service delivery from advertising to shortlisting, assessment, hiring and induction.

Great communication with regular status updates throughout the hiring process.

Engineering talent sourced from our platform, resume databases, social platforms & networks.

Value for money - undertake as much or as little of the hiring process each time you recruit.

" worked so well the first time, I told them to do it again."

Wayne Simmons, HR Director

Our brand offers a unique model of flexible recruitment, designed to support and enhance the recruitment activities of Engineering companies across Australia. Our focus is on securing great talent that helps build on your company story and not merely following a process. We are results driven and constantly seeking our ways to target, attract and hire the staff you need to create ongoing success.


Permanent Recruitment

Configure your own permanent hiring solution and use as much of our service as you need, from sourcing through to induction. You remain in control every step of the way.


Temporary Staffing

When you need to fill an unexpected gap in your team, our temp staffing solution ensures quality hires that turn up on time, get the job done and add value to your business from the get go.


Contractor Hire

Specific projects often require specific skills for a limited period. We put the right team or individual talent in place with the right skills to help meet those important deadlines or project milestones.

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